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String Stalker

Fleece Reversible Shadow Beanie -Driftwood/Woodland

Fleece Reversible Shadow Beanie -Driftwood/Woodland

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String Stalker Fleece Reversible Beanie Driftwood/Woodland Shadow Beanie

This reversible driftwood ribbed knit with fleece provides functional versatility. The fleece pattern is KING'S CAMO Woodland Shadow to help you blend in with the forest when you don't want to be seen, or Driftwood Blaze for when you do. The knit is 100% acrylic for a lightweight, soft and warm wool-like feel.

Beanie is such a silly word especially for such an incredibly stylish and warm item. If we had our druthers, we would have called this the, "World Peace and I'm Covered in Deer, Head and Ear Warming Device."  Seriously though, the String Stalker Polartec Beanie is fantastic looking and super efficient for those cold and windy days. Keep the outdoor elements off your head and do so in style while promoting the bow hunting lifestyle.  Especially good for your return to the truck after a bow hunt.  You know how after starting your ride, when returning from a cold hunt, you are welcomed with about a minute of cold air blowing out of the vents?...Well, here is your answer.  

  • 100% Acrylic
  • One size fits most  


    We created String Stalker just for bow hunters. As we looked around, we found every bow hunter out there was proud of their lifestyle and showed their pride by wearing Bone Collector, Legendary Whitetails, Deer Gear, Buck Wear hatst-shirtssweatshirts and beanies. But no company focused ONLY on the bow hunter and the bow hunting lifestyle. Well, that's how String Stalker was born. We decided to create bow hunting lifestyle apparel just so bow hunters could show their love for their sport.

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