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String Stalker

String Stalker Bow Hunting Obsessed Decal

String Stalker Bow Hunting Obsessed Decal

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String Stalker Bow Hunting Obsessed Decal

Sweet String Stalker Bow Hunting Obsessed Decal that's wicked easy to put on all of your favorite things. Car or truck, bow case, your llama named Erik, suitcase, trophy from that time you participated in chicken eating contest. You know, whatever.  

  • 10" wide X 4" high
  • One size fits all

Recommended instructions for use on vehicle:

  • Take your vehicle to the car wash. Wash car thoroughly (if that’s too much work, simply wipe down the area you wish to apply your new, amazing looking String Stalker decal to)
  • Remove backing slowly. Start on one corner and slowly roll the backing back until the entire back is removed. Be careful not to pull the decal away from the cover. Throw away backing in trash (don’t just leave it on the ground or throw it in the back seat, because you will forget it there)
  • Keep ahold of the decal to keep it from sticking to itself or the surface before you want it to. Place your new amazing looking String Stalker decal on your desired location by slowly lowering the decal and rub it in place with a credit card or similar item. Start on one side and move to the other. Firmly rub the sticker in place to make sure there is no air trapped under the sticker.
  • Next, slowly peel the cover off at an angle. Be very careful not to pull the sticker off the surface.
  • Finally, step back and admire your handiwork and amazing looking new String Stalker decal. 


We created String Stalker just for bow hunters. As we looked around, we found every bow hunter out there was proud of their lifestyle and showed their pride by wearing Bone Collector, Legendary Whitetails, Deer Gear, Buck Wear hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and beanies. But no company focused ONLY on the bow hunter and the bow hunting lifestyle. Well, that's how String Stalker was born. We decided to create bow hunting lifestyle apparel just so bow hunters could show their love for their sport.

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