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String Stalker

String Stalker Bow Hunter Addicted Coffee Cup

String Stalker Bow Hunter Addicted Coffee Cup

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TumblerString Stalker Bow Hunting Addicted Coffee Cup

There’s just something sweet about reaching for that cup of coffee at 3:30 a.m., sweet indeed. But how many times have you reached for your coffee cup only to think “Seriously, this cup is ugly. I mean really, really ugly”. Then you have to deal with your hunting buddies making fun of your really, really ugly coffee cup. That’s no way to start out a day of bow hunting. After years of ridicule about our choice of coffee cups, we reached out to the most brilliant coffee cup scientists we could find. And, we came up with this sweet, sweet cup. There’s an old song that goes “The best part of waking up is…” well, we can’t think of the rest but we’re pretty sure it involved a buck. Or a cup.

16 oz. bistro style wide body coffee cup
Smooth molded ceramic composite
Matte black exterior - orange interior
String Stalker logo on right side in orange
I'm Addicted on the left side coincidentally also in orange

We created String Stalker just for bow hunters. As we looked around, we found every bow hunter out there was proud of their lifestyle and showed their pride by wearing Bone Collector, Legendary Whitetails, Deer Gear, Buck Wear hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and beanies. But no company focused ONLY on the bow hunter and the bow hunting lifestyle. Well, that's how String Stalker was born. We decided to create bow hunting lifestyle apparel just so bow hunters could show their love for their sport.

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