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RAMROD Wrath Hunting Stabilizer

RAMROD Wrath Hunting Stabilizer

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The RamRods Wraith combines our high performance, target archery technology into a silent, accurate, and deadly hunting stabilizer.

The Wraith is designed as a hybrid stabilizer for hunters, field shooters, and 3D competitors. If you want one stabilizer that you can take from the field course to the hunting grounds, this is the bar for you.

American made, the Wraith stabilizer is the perfect addition to your compound bow set-up. 

Built with versatility and performance in mind. The Wraith is what compound shooters need. As a result, it combines the best performance of all disciplines without sacrificing quality. Don’t compromise on your equipment. Know without a doubt that you’re getting the best, most versatile, high performance stabilizer on the market. Check out the Wraith’s standard features below, and order yours today.

Package Includes: One stabilizer, 1 x 1oz Blender weight, 1 x 2 oz disk weight, rubber locking and damping washer, two 5/16-24 screws.

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