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String Stalker

String Stalker Cooler Topper

String Stalker Cooler Topper

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String Stalker Cooler Topper

    • 15" W x 13" H

    Dress up your cooler, yacht, or hovercraft with our String Stalker Cooler topper.  The heavy-duty, super-duper, sticker on steroids was built to last as long as your cooler.  The surface is dimpled with a sandpaper-like texture to help grip your beverage, phone, significant other, or whatever you my set on top of your cooler.  The adhesive glue on underside is so strong that you should only attempt applying this sticker after a solid 12 hour sleep.  Boring cooler no more, here is your chance to show your patriotism, support your favorite bow-hunting brand and dress up your Plain Jane cooler.  This item is not intended for applications to automobiles, windows or anything of the like due to its permanent nature and features.   The 15" x 13" heavy-duty sticker may be cut to size for smaller coolers.  


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