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String Stalker

20" Wide Addicted Black/Red Bow Hunting Decal

20" Wide Addicted Black/Red Bow Hunting Decal

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This 20'' Addicted decal will turn heads on the road and probably give you better fuel mileage. Shoot it will up your resale by at least a grand. Ok the last two might not happen but it will definitely make your truck look better.

20'' wide 7'' tall

Black lettering with Red outline

We created String Stalker just for bow hunters. As we looked around, we found every bow hunter out there was proud of their lifestyle and showed their pride by wearing Bone Collector, Legendary Whitetails, Deer Gear, Buck Wear hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and beanies. But no company focused ONLY on the bow hunter and the bow hunting lifestyle. Well, that's how String Stalker was born. We decided to create bow hunting lifestyle apparel just so bow hunters could show their love for their sport.

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